1. 3.26.14 Ryan Lafferty; Nashville Tennessee

    Here are a few photos I took for my friend Ryan Lafferty last month at his showcase at 12th and Porter in Nashville. Great show and great sound! Excited to work with him more later this month

    Ryan Lafferty; Nashville TN Ryan Lafferty; Nashville TN Ryan Lafferty; Nashville TN Ryan Lafferty; Nashville TN Ryan Lafferty; Nashville TN Ryan Lafferty; Nashville TN


  2. "So much there is to see, but our morning eyes describe a different world than do our afternoon eyes, and surely our wearied evening eyes can report only a weary evening world."
    — Travels with Charlie; John Steinbeck

  3. Film 3/2014

    Here is some new film from the past month I’ve been living in Nashville, some film from Fall ‘13 that I just discovered had not been developed, and a couple of photos taken on my last day in WV before the move. I love the way these turned out, especially the few that came from an old automatic Canon camera my grandma gave me last Christmas. Enjoy!

    Fall ‘13; New River Gorge/Beauty Mt. West VirginiaUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled

    February ‘14; West Virginia 


    February/March ‘14; Nashville Tennessee 

    Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

    *all film is Fujifilm Superia 400.

  4. Beauty Mountain, West Virginia // October 2013

    Fujifilm 400


  5. New short film…

    Editing together a short film I shot back in the fall about the art of the letter press. Excited to release it soon.

    Check back here for more details in the next few weeks.


  6. New Logo

    Design by Michael Stidham 


  7. Autumn in West Virginia [2013]

    Packed up my trusty Subaru Forester and hiked through the mountains of West Virginia quite a few times this past fall. It may be the dead of winter now but I thought I would finally share some photos from my travels to a few of my favorite WV places

    //half of the photos are digital and taken with a Canon 60d & the other half are 35mm film taken with a Canon GII and using fujifilm 400 superia & expired kodak 400 film

    all photos by Taylor Napier





    Fayetteville/Gauley Bridge, W. Va


    Fayettvillefall13-1778Fayettvillefall13-1744Fayettvillefall13-1797Fayettvillefall13-1796 Fayettvillefall13-1782

    North Fork Mountain & Seneca Rocks | near Cabins, W. Va





    Dolly Sods Wilderness, W. Va

    NorthWVfall13-8206 NorthWVfall13-8243 NorthWVfall13-8222 NorthWVfall13-8229 NorthWVfall13-8217 NorthWVfall13-824635mmnorth-35104201001535mmnorth-35104201000616_351042010010



  8. "The mountain can capture the most still of minds, while the waterfall captures the most chaotic. The two work together so perfectly."